Are Hoverboards Worth the Money?

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Hoverboards are an expensive purchase. It’s easy to see why they have become so popular – they represent a major step forward in personal transportation devices. Whereas segways have traditionally been clunky and awkward to use, the self balancing scooter is hands free, cooler and a lot of fun to drive. Indeed they are being hailed by some as the next generation of transport technology. But $300+ is still a alot of money to spend on something that may well end up gathering dust after a few weeks of novelty wears off.

Are they worth the money? I’d say that it depends on how you plan on using your scooter. The cheaper, 6.5 inch boards are practical for driving around indoors – around the house, in the office or even whilst working in a warehouse. Children will most likely find the boards to be one of their favorite Christmas toys as they allow for tight turns and manoeuvres to be performed around objects in the house and they feel natural to use after just fifteen minutes of learning. Adults who are considering using these boards as a means to travel to work or use outside on grass or rough surfaces will likely be disappointed though. The 6.5 inch boards wheels are made of plastic and stability is noticeably worse when riding outdoors. They last for between 3 and 5 hours on a single charge and take around 90 minutes to return to full charge after draining the battery. The top speed of 7 mph doesn’t sound ground-breaking, but when you’re actually standing on the board it feels really fast – it is equivalent to running speed.

If you’re looking to use a 6.5 inch board as a substitute for a bicycle then you will more than likely be disappointed. For those looking to use their board outside a lot, an 8 inch or 10 inch board is neccesary. The 10 inch hoverboard has inflatable, rubber tyres similar to those on a car that provide impressive grip and stability on a wide range of surfaces. You will breeze over grass on one of these. They are a little faster than the smaller boards too – expect to reach top speeds of at least 10 mph when accelerating fully. They weigh a few lbs more though and are a little more expensive though (approximately $50 – $100 more). If you’re looking for a toy, choose a cheaper 6.5 inch board. If you’re looking for a long term transport option then choose one of these.

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Are Bluetooth hoverboards worth it?

Recently a second generation of self balancing scooters have been released that feature an integrated pair of Bluetooth speakers. They are more expensive than other boards as they have a higher top speed, enhanced battery life and allow the driver to play music from the board. Ultimately the performance differences aren’t massively noticeable though. The Bluetooth speakers on the other hand are really quite impressive. They are high quality, loud and provide an impressive bass range. They can be used while the boards switched off too, meaning they can be left in your room to use as standalone Bluetooth speakers. Overall, it’s only worth paying the premium for these boards if you plan on utilising the speakers.

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