7 Inch vs 10 Inch Hoverboards: A Detailed Comparison

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The 7 inch hoverboard (technically with a 6.5 inch wheel diameter) is smaller, lighter and better suited to indoor use than the 10 inch counterpart. However, the 10 inch board is far superior at riding over difficult terrains like grass as the inflatable rubber tyres are more durable and have better grip. This guide discusses the specific differences between the two boards and highlights which one you should choose based on your needs.

The 7 Inch Hoverboard: Great for indoor use

Battery Life

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The 7 inch self balancing scooter has hard tyres that measure 6.5 inches in diameter. These tyres are great at riding over smooth indoor surfaces and allow for tight turns and pivots on the spot. This is well suited to drivers looking to perform tricks and spins as the light board is easier to manoeuvre. The tyres will drive across grass but the board will not be able to reach its maximum speed of 7 mph on rough surfaces and you can feel bumps as you drive over them. The battery life on 7 inch boards is generally good – you can expect to drive for between 4 and 5 hours on a single charge and travel around 15 km. Weighing in at 10kg these boards feel solid and sturdy – but if you plan on carrying your swegway for extended periods of time I recommend purchasing a carry case for your board (you can pick one up really cheap on Amazon). The maximum weight limit for drivers using the board is 220 lbs (100kg) so if you are a larger driver then this board might not be suitable. The smaller boards are generally a little cheaper than their larger counterparts. Click here to compare the best deals for 7 inch boards.


Better battery life


Lighter to carry


Better for tricks


Struggles on rough surfaces

Slower maximum speed

Less stable

Unsuitable for heavier drivers

The 10 Inch Hoverboard: More Comfortable Outdoors

Battery Life

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As shown in the comparison pictures above, the 10 inch swegway is considerably bigger and the large wheels are inflatable rubber tyres. These tyres are equally comfortable driving around indoors as outdoors and you can glide across grass and rough surfaces with ease. Minor bumps are barely noticeable as the larger wheels allow for a smoother ride. If you plan on driving your swegway outside, for example in the park, then the 10 inch board is recommended. As these boards are alot bigger and more sturdy, they have a higher maximum weight limit of 265 lbs (120kg). For larger drivers the 10 inch offers a much more comfortable driving experience. You can travel a little faster on larger boards too, with maximum speeds of around 9 mph as opposed to 7 mph on smaller boards. The battery life is a little poorer though, with about 75-80% of the battery life of 7 inch versions. The battery drains faster because these boards are larger and can travel faster. This board is noticeably heavier too, weighing in at 13kg, so if you need a board thats handy to carry around town then you should consider the smaller option. The larger boards are a little more expensive though. Click here to compare the best deals for 10 inch boards.


Great on rough surfaces

Higher maximum speed

Smoother driving experience

Suitable for larger drivers

Quality rubber inflatable tyres


Less manoeuvrable in tight spaces

More expensive

Worse battery life

Heavier to carry

Overall the 10 inch board is great for larger drivers that plan on using their hoverboard outdoors whereas the 7 inch is ideal for those looking for an office toy that’s convenient to carry and has great battery life (but struggles when tackling rough outdoor surfaces).

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  1. The tires look alot better on the 10 inch. I’m planning on driving to the train station on my board so I suppose I’m going to have to shell out for the 10 inch.

  2. the first board i purchased was a 7 inch. it was great for driving around the office but i was disappointed when trying to drive it outside. now i’ve got both and use the 7 inch indoors but the 10 inch for travelling outside.


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