Black Friday & Cyber Monday Hoverboard Deals 2017

Update: Black Friday 2017 has ended. Please be patient while we remove links to deals that are no longer available. Cyber Monday deals week continues to run.

After undergoing rigorous US government approved safety tests hoverboards are back and they’re more popular than ever. Established companies like Razor, Swagtron and EPIKGO now sell a range of UL 2272 certified safe hoverboards. We’re listing the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017 deals on these boards below.

Live Hoverboard Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

When is Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017

This year Black Friday lands on November 24 and Cyber Monday on November 27. Whilst Black Friday is a combination of in store and online deals, Cyber Monday is reserved for online deals. Expect great deals on the Segway Mini Pro, Swagtron two wheel self balancing scooters and Razor hoverboards this year.

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  1. Ordered the Razor board for my son on Amazon yesterday and it’s already arrived. Looks great, bigger and heavier than I expected though! Thanks for the advice

    • Hi Jake. The Razor Hovertrax board is good all rounder for both indoors and outdoors, it will struggle on rough terrain though. The EPIKGO board is the best performer outdoors with its all terrain tyres, but its a little bigger and takes up a lot more space in the home.

    • Hi there, the EPIKGO board is great for rolling over hills and bumps outdoors, and is the safer choice if your children will be using it outdoors a lot. It does have a higher top speed though and is bigger than the Razor Hovertrax, so it might be too much for them in that sense.

    • Hi Jake. All the boards we’ve listed are UL 2272 certified, which means they’ve been tested for electrical safety and deemed safe by a government approved regulatory body. You can read more about UL 2272 certification here. In terms of the safest brand, Razor and Segway have good reputations as manufacturers of scooters and transporters, and have been around for many years. Other brands like EPIKGO and Swagtron are newer but their boards have been through the same testing procedures.

  2. Bought one for my kids last year and it turned out to be a dodgy Chinese fake that we had to return. Now they are desparate to get another one this year and insist they are safer than before. Which one would you recommend? Have 3 kids aged 6 – 13 and they will all be using it around the house mostly. Thanks.

    • Hi Pete, sorry to hear about your bad experience. There were a lot of illegitimate companies selling boards last year and it was difficult to find a good brand. Fortunately it’s a lot easier this year as all the boards for sale on Amazon have been through electrical safety tests to make sure they’re completely safe to drive.

      If your three children will mostly be using the board indoors, I’d recommend the Razor Hovertrax as it’s smaller, lighter and well suited to indoor riding. The LED lights on the front tend to be popular with children too, and Razor are a well known and trusted brand.


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