Bluetooth Hoverboards: The Second Generation of Swegway

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Recently a range of hoverboards have been released that come with built in Bluetooth speakers. The speakers are located on the bottom of the boards, with one speaker below each foot pedal. Upon switching on the hoverboard, the Bluetooth automatically turns on and a voice command alerts the user as to the current status of the Bluetooth pairing. Connecting your smartphone, laptop or any other Bluetooth enabled gadget is as simple as scanning for the hoverboard on your list of devices and pairing your gadget. Once connected you can listen to music through the speakers as you drive, or alternatively lock the board using your remote and use the speakers independently. The sound quality is really impressive and although the bass is a little lacking they are powerful, loud and could be used as standalone speakers for around the house.

Best Hoverboard Deals

Bluetooth Hoverboard Specification

  • Price

  • Size6.5 or 8 inch wheels
  • ColorsRange of colors available
  • Max Speed10 – 12 mph
  • Board Weight11kg
  • Battery Life15 – 25km
  • Weight Limit220 lbs (100kg)
  • Charge Time2 – 3 hours

Bluetooth Hoverboard Comparison

Adding Bluetooth speakers to the board increases its weight a little and as a result Bluetooth hoverboards are several pounds heavier than regular boards. As would be expected, using the speakers whilst driving drains the battery fairly quickly too. Fortunately though, Bluetooth hoverboards are from the second generation of hoverboards and have improved battery life and a higher maximum speed than first generation boards (the cross design on the foot pedals indicates the second generation of boards whereas the regular curved board is the first generation). You can expect to travel at maximum speeds of around 10-12 mph on the Bluetooth swegway, as opposed to 7 mph on first generation boards. The tyre size on Bluetooth swegways is either 6.5 or 8 inches, the bigger wheels provide a smoother ride and the board handles rough outdoor surfaces with greater ease.

Sound Quality on Bluetooth Hoverboards

The sound quality on the speakers is surprisingly impressive – the volume and bass are better than would be expected from a pair of speakers inside a scooter. Although playing loud music whilst driving around town is likely to be incredibly annoying to passing pedestrians, it does serve the useful function of alerting people nearby that you are on a board and that they may need to move out the way.

Where to Buy Bluetooth Hoverboards?

As these boards are new to the market and are a marked overall improvement on the first generation of hoverboards, they are a little more expensive. Click here to compare the best Bluetooth hoverboard deals.

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