Hoverboard Buying Guide: The Best Deals

Update: Black Friday 2017 has ended. Please be patient while we remove links to deals that are no longer available. Cyber Monday deals week continues to run.

Swegway World provide straightforward reviews, advice and buying information for those purchasing swegways (also known as hoverboards, mini segways and self balancing scooters). This buying guide was written by the Deals Team.

Best Hoverboard Deals

Click here to browse hoverboard deals on Amazon.

Where’s the best place to buy a hoverboard?

Amazon offer the widest range of hoverboards at competitive prices. As of 2016 they’re only stocking hoverboards that have passed electrical safety standards tests and are fully UL 2272 certified. This means you can be sure you’re purchasing a good quality board if you buy through Amazon.

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  1. mine got delivered last week after buying on amazon and i can’t recommend these boards enough. trips to the fridge involve way less effort

  2. Thanks for the great info. How well do novices do on them? Are there any difference in stability between models other than larger is better for outdoors, even on sidewalks?

    Might a brief discussion of safety be appropriate here? Where are the reflectors on these? And maybe an LED light or 4? These can move much faster than people walk so they can surprise cars and pedestrians and I’m sure these will be used in the evening. I just saw my first commuter (suit and tie, no less) on one recently near the subway stop.

    • Hi Bill. Novices generally take around fifteen minutes to feel comfortable driving these – it’s a surprisingly quick learning curve. In terms of stability, as you’ve mentioned yes the larger boards are better outdoors and on sidewalks, small bumps etc. but on smooth surfaces all the boards feel very stable.

      Safety is something that I will be posting about soon – all the boards have LED lights for visibility. In terms of people crashing into others whilst driving, I agree that it’s a hazard but I haven’t personally heard of any accidents of this type yet.


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